The ProblemOur Solution
Highly automated automotive factories consume hundreds of millions of dollars of electric energy every year. Car factories have long understood this problem and the importance of reducing a robot’s energy consumption but are still waiting for a solution to alleviate this problem.

Also, today’s robots are manually programmed with 2 primary goals: to meet customer requirements, and to get the job done as quickly as possible. As a result, robots are not operating at optimum performance, resulting in high operation costs for the factory. Until today, no design tool existed to aid engineers to generate perfect paths without spending endless hours.
Today’s car navigation systems automatically find the best way for us to travel, Motus’ technology does the same for industrial robots, it automatically finds and generates the best path for a robot to move.

We call it “Smart Robot Motion”.

When moving an object around an obstruction, there is an infinite number of paths, three possible are shown in the diagram. It is impossible even for an expert engineer to know which path performs best. With Motus Smart Robot Motion this is no longer a problem. Smart Robot Motion can instantly recommend the best solution, respecting potential collisions.

Our Value
Motus Operandi has developed a software solution that effectively reduces the operational costs of robot applications. Our solution is inspired by human arm motion and can improve a robot’s energy efficiency by 40%, its speed by 15%, and its lifetime performance by 10%.

In the modern manufacturing world robot automation is continuously increasing, predicted to reach energy costs of $10 billion USD by 2020. Our primary market is the automotive industry which has by far the highest degree of robot utilization. We offer solution for both car factories and their system integrators, to help build the future factory 4.0.


Our solution is designed for all arm-type robots (4- to 7-axes) of all major brands. Contact us to learn more about how we can improve your robots applications.